Intuitive software for easier & cheaper logistics
Intuitive software for easier & cheaper logistics

Get a live milestone overview over your supply chain

From one clear overview, multiple people within your organization can easily access the most important information for any shipment. Everyone can stay in the loop about updates, adjustments and to do's, using customized automated email notifications. We vizualise your supply chain, simplify collaboration and help to reduce errors.

Search sailings & find quotes instantly

Easily select required services such as sea freight, customs and on-carriage. Quickly compare sailing schedules by departure or arrival date, transit times and all-in costs. Add comments where needed and directly book online from one integrated, easy-to-use environment.

Say goodbye to email and faxes

Upload and download shipping documents directly from a clear booking overview. In case of supplier initiated bookings, let us do the work for you. Whenever new documents are added, you will automatically be updated.

Track your goods anywhere, anytime

Via our integrated supply chain track & trace, the actual status location of any shipment can be traced live. Want to keep your clients informed? Share the real-time tracking details of a shipment via a public link.

Digital and personal.
At your service!

Shippers can directly communicate with our operations coordinators using our in-app web chat, who can assist you within minutes with all necessary information. Any day, any time.

Integrate effortlessly with your current workflow

There is no need to change your current process. Just use your preferred procedure, and let us visualize your workflow. From intuitive overviews we present information and communication and streamline the process between all parties involved.