Not your everyday forwarder.
Digital, yet truly personal.
We offer digital freight forwarding
with a truly personal approach
We offer digital freight forwarding with a truly personal approach

Shipping made simple

As a digital forwarder, Shypple offers all services required to ship your goods from A to Z. From door pick-ups, pick-up, customs brokerage, ocean, air and rail freight to on-demand warehousing, we are there for you. Our experienced operations team is working dedicatedly on giving you a frictionless experience, empowered by our digital way of working.

Why we do what we do

Our vision is to make global trade virtually frictionless. We believe that by doing so, we will make it not only easier, but also cheaper to conduct. Trade is what makes our world prosper and we believe every person or company on the globe should have equal access to it.

What we do

We offer companies a centralised web-application that acts as a dashboard providing real-time visibility on every aspect of your supply chain. As a digital service provider we bring ease, accountability and efficiency to your logistics while lowering hassle, communication and costs.

How we do it

For all your intercontinental trade we offer a centralised and digital web-app that acts as your supply chain dashboard. The dashboard oversees every movement and action in your process and foresees in a variety of booking, planning, delivery and communication possibilities. Multiple users can collaborate within this tool and are in direct contact with our dedicated operations coordinators.

From our web-app, logistics teams can directly search, compare, book and follow shipments for both air- and ocean freight. When a shipment is booked from our web-app, automated notifications ensure that both you and your colleagues are always up-to-date about changes.

This ensures faster and more accurate communication and provides more insight and analytics for better decision making. In essence, this lowers the traditional margins of error in shipping while lowering both direct and indirect costs related to shipping.
Dirk Jonker
Dirk is our technical mastermind. He started his development career at the renowned Dutch e-commerce company ‘Coolblue’ after which he became a full stack developer for car brands like Audi and Volkswagen. Besides understanding a problem really well and being agile, Dirk says he really values simplicity. He notes that there is nothing more important in building scalable systems than keeping things simple! The reason Dirk is excited about Shypple is because of the wildley scalable, yet pratically simple product we are building.
Zijiu Zhang
Vladimir Tagai
Jaap van den Boogert
Dirk Jonker

Our company culture

Hands-on & flexible
As every supply chain is different our team will always discuss your current process first. However, we understand that companies active in global trade work 24/7. Hence, we believe it is important to always be available as along the way there are numerous questions that may arise. Whether in the morning, evening or weekends, we are . Our web-chat for clients is a great tool to get a swift response to your questions. Because we’re fully digital our coordinators can easily check all necessary information to assist you within minutes. Expect to receive answers within minutes during working hours, after 6 PM and during the weekends. Trade never stops, neither do we.

Perceptive & collaborative
Our on-boarding process for new clients is very intuitive. As every supply chain is different our team will always discuss and analyse your current process from A to Z. This often enables us to find ways to improve your current processes. We will share our thoughts and ideas about saving time, reducing errors and optimising your supply chain. We learn from your obstacles, ideas and solutions. This very often leads to co-creation sessions in which we visit clients or invite them to our office. Afterwards, we will work on the development of new features together. In numerous cases, we have actively partnered with clients to launch new features. Would you not say it is great to co-create?

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